Minutes of Council Meeting held on 17th September 2018

Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Monday 17th September 2018 at Knelston Primary School.

Present                  Councillors: Martin Cox, Gareth Evans, Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, Gareth Jones, and Steve Young.

Apologies:             none

In attendance       Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk;

Mr. Robert Owen of BRO Consultants

Chair                       Councillor Robert Fisher took the Chair.

Mr. Robert Owen of BRO Consultants presented to the Council by means of an audio visual display a summary of the findings of the study conducted into the regeneration of Port Eynon as a tourist destination. The Council were suitably impressed and asked questions of clarification throughout the presentation. The Chair thanked Mr. Owen for providing the Council with a preview of the likely findings to be included in his report to Swansea City Council. Mr. Owen in turn thanked the Council for their observations nad contributions during the study process. Mr. Owen then left the meeting.

Minutes                 Clerk confirmed that the draft minutes of the last meeting held on 23rd July 2018 had been circulated to all Councillors, displayed on the Council notice boards and posted on the web site. It was proposed by Councillor Martin Cox, and seconded by Councillor Gareth Evans that the minutes be accepted; and agreed by all.

Declarations of Interest      – there were none declared.

Matters Arising

SCURLAGE GREEN – Cllr. Sheila fisher advised that work by the monumental masons was in progress. A discussion ensued on the wording and Cllr Sheila Fisher offered to circulate a draft layout for final approval. Discussion also took place as to the favoured location for siting, and in conclusion Cllr Robert Fisher agreed to prepare and circulate a plan. Clerk advised that he had requested an update from City Council as to construction of the new footpath, but was awaiting a response

.PORT EYNON GREEN – Clerk confirmed that he had carried out a site inspection and was of the opinion that the recently installed posts were quite satisfactory.

NOTICE BOARDS –Clerk confirmed that he had installed the hasps and padlocks to notice boards at Overton and Port Eynon.

FOOTPATH TO SPORTS CLUB – Clerk advised that he had been in contact with C^CS Footpaths Officer who was aware of the problems with the path between the Sports club and Port Eynon Green. Footpath Officer would make enquiries as to land ownership and possible solutions.

DEFIBRILLATORS – Clerk advised that he had been in discussion with Gower First Responders’Cariad and that they would discuss with Knelston Garage the relocation of the unit at their premises. Cariad advised that an extra unit at The Old Pharmacy in Scurlage was possibly too close to the present units at the Medical centre and the Sports Club. Cariad would advise costing of further units to be installed at Overton, Scurlage Castle and Port Eynon Youth Hostel.

KNELSTON SCHOOL – Clerk advised that the tree seats had been installed and that he was in receipt of the invoice from the school.

LANE TO YOUTH HOSTEL – Noted that no action has been taken by City Council.

Finance     Committed expenditure was presently:                                                Scurlage Village Green works – £8,000

Defibrillators 3,000

Scurlage village awareness signs – £3,000

Port Eynon Village Green works- £2,000                                 Clerk advised that expenditure in the past month had included the first payment for the Memorial Stone of 1,350 pounds. Payment for the School Tree Seats would be required in the next period and was expected to be in the order of 1,400 pounds. Request for payment for the timber posts at the village greens had yet to be received and Clerk advised that he would resist settlement until the footpath link had been completed.


2017/2448 Field 7000, Burry – New detached dwelling house.

Council noted that the application was for a relatively large house set in open fields and remote from the adjacent highway. The proposed property would be served by Trumpet Lane which was at present a rural bridleway/footpath. Council considered the planning statement and noted that the house was described as an ‘Essential Agricultural Workers Dwelling’ required to support a relatively new farm holding. Whilst sympathetic to the establishment of a new agricultural business Council were of the opinion that the size of the dwelling was not in keeping with the area and that the location represented unnecessary intrusion into the countryside. Decision still pending

2018/1519 Poultry Farm, Trumpet Lane, Knelston. Change of use from poultry and egg production to food production premises.

Council noted that the present use had been discontinued for several years and that there had been a previous outline planning application for use of the site for holiday chalets and static caravans. Council noted that in respect of this application for use as a production facility by ‘Gower Chocolate Brownies’ there would be modifications to the existing building elevations and roofs, and considered that were generally acceptable. Council also noted that there would be changes to the external areas to facilitate parking of employees and access by light delivery vehicles. Again, it was considered that these were generally acceptable. Council gave consideration to the access of the site via Trumpet Lane, and noted that employee numbers would be less than 20 and that delivery vehicles would involve light panel vans only.  Council noted that this was the rear elevation and would not be seen from the road. Council were in agreement that the revised fenestration was in fact preferable to that previously approved and that the application could be supported. Application approved August 2018.

2018/1416 No 2 Frogmoor Cottages, Knelston. Amendment to planning application 2011/0990 to allow for amendments to the fenestration of the rear elevation.Council were in agreement that the proposal was generally acceptable and should be supported. Application approved August 2018.

2018/1484 Val Cottage, Port Eynon. Amendment to application 2018/0556 to permit the change of windows from white painted timber to green UPVC. Council considered the application and were in agreement that it could be supported. Application approved August 2018.

NEW APPLICATIONS          None..

  • Highways and Footpaths
  • Discussion took place on the enforcement of speed limits in the villages of Scurlage and Knelston. Clerk tabled examples of village gateway signs as used by other Councils and which might create a greater awareness of the need to reduce speed through the village boundaries. Deferred for later discussion. 
  • Council noted that a surface overlay had been applied to Monksland Road and Salisbury Close.


  • Correspondence 
  • Clerk advised that he had received no communications which required the Council’s consideration.


  • Communications 
  • Clerk had nothing to report.


  • Village Halls  
  • Clerk/Chair advised that there had been no further communications with the Llanddewi Village Hall Trustees.
  • Cllr. Robert Fisher advised that he had attended the monthly Meeting of the Port Eynon Village Hall Committee, and that items reported by the Chair included that a conclusion had been reached that there had been no encroachment of the boundary with Highfields Caravan park; and that VHMC continued to maintain that they had 50% ownership of the Notice Board near to the church, but no evidence was presented as to either item.
  • Knelston Burial Ground.
  • Clerk advised that there was nothing to report.


    1. Any Other Business

  • Cllr Steve Young requested agreement for minor repair works to the seat on Scurlage Green near to the bus stops, for which he had an estimated cost of approximately 150 pounds. Council unanimously agreed that he should proceed to commission the work.   ————————————– Cllr Gareth Jones drew attention, again, to speed of vehicles on the section of road through Scurlage castle. Clerk was requested to arrange for speed monitoring strips to be installed by C^CS Highways.
  • There being no further business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 9: 30 pm.
  • Next meeting – 22nd October 2018 at 7 pm.                                                                                   ——————————————
  • Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                       Robert Fisher (Chair)