minutes of Regular Council Meeting on 19th March 2018

Port Eynon Community Council


Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on 19th March 2018 at Knelston Primary School.


Present                    Councillors Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, Gareth Evans, Steven Young and Martin Cox


Apologies                 Cllr. Gareth Jones


In attendance          Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk;


Chair                        Councillor Robert Fisher took the Chair.


Minutes                   Clerk confirmed that the minutes of the last meeting held on 26th February 2018 had been circulated to all Councillors, displayed on the Council notice boards and posted on the web site.

Some typographical errors were corrected.

It was proposed by Councillor Gareth Evans, and seconded by Councillor Steve Young that the minutes be accepted as agreed by all.


Declarations of Interest          – There were none stated.


Matters Arising

VILLAGE GREENS: Clerk advised that he had contacted the City Council parks Dept. to accept their quotations for the installation of timber posts to the edge of the greens at both Scurlage and Port Eynon. He was awaiting advice as to when the works would be carried out.

Cllr. Sheila Fisher queried whether the amount of expenditure planned for Scurlage Green should be reduced in view of recent adverse comments on social media. After consideration Council were of the opinion that the budget provision should not be reduced, but would be kept under review as firm prices for different elements of work were agreed.


NOTICE BOARDS – After further discussion concerning recent misuse of the Notice Boards Council directed the clerk to write to the Village Hall management committee, with copy to Mrs Jean Higgins who was previously the VHMC Social Committee Chair, and require that the key entrusted to the VHMC Social Committee must be returned.


STORM WATER DRAINAGE: Cllr. Gareth Evans advised that there had been no action taken by City Council to alleviate the flow of storm water down Port Eynon hill; and that he would continue to press the Council to act on this.


LANE TO YOUTH HOSTEL – Cllr. Martin Cox advised that he had met with Mr. Peter Beynon of C&CS and that Regrading of the surface of the lane would be carried out. Clerk advised Council that he had requested that the car parking area between Borfa house and the village green be regraded at the same time.



Finance                   Clerk advised that he had made payment of £1,000 grant to the Gower First Responder Appeal.

Council confirmed that payment of £80 should be made to the VHMC for hire of hall in second half of 2017.


Committed expenditure was presently:

Port Eynon Village Green works- £2,000

Scurlage Village Green works – £8,000

Knelston School benches to play areas – £2,000



Planning                  Clerk provided a resume of applications recently considered.


2017/2392 ‘Dinglebank’, Knelston – Detached Dwelling house and garage.

Council noted that this application supercedes a previous application at the same site for three detached dwellings and garages, which was refused. Council were of the opinion that demolition of the existing sheds and replacement with a single dwelling house sited as per this application was appropriate to the location. Concern was expressed that the detached house and detached garage were excessive for the small plot and that an integrated garage would be preferable.

Application granted on 5th March subject to submission of acceptable detailed plans.


2017/2448 Field 7000, Burry – New detached dwelling house.

Council noted that the application was for a relatively large house set in open fields and remote from the adjacent highway. The proposed property would be served by Trumpet Lane which was at present a rural bridleway/footpath. Council considered the planning statement and noted that the house was described as an ‘Essential Agricultural Workers Dwelling’ required to support a relatively new farm holding. Whilst sympathetic to the establishment of a new agricultural business Council were of the opinion that the size of the dwelling was not in keeping with the area and that the location represented unnecessary intrusion into the countryside.

Decision pending.


2017/2653 ‘Oddington’ Overton Lane. – Incorporation of land and Provision of a gravelled driveway.

Council noted that this was a retrospective application, and that there had been no adverse public comment. Council were of the general opinion that the application should be supported.

Application refused on 6th February in that this was not a lawful development.


2018/0121 South Gower Sports Club – erection of a marquee (May to September) and provision of five pitches for touring caravans (April to October) for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Council noted that the marquee was of a similar size and location and the caravan pitches were at a similar location as in previous applications. Council agreed that they had no objections to this application.

Application approved on 15th March 2018.


2018/0219 ‘Lilac House’ Overton – Increase in eaves height, roof lights and revised fenestration.

Council noted that the proposed works did not material alter the appearance and character of the existing property and were generally in support of the application.

Application approved on29th March 2018.


2018/0153 ‘Moor Corner Farm’ Port Eynon – Proviison of five touring caravan pitches April to October in 2018 and 2019.

Council noted that this application was similar to previously granted applications and saw no reason not to support it.

Application approved on 1st March 2018.




2018/0266 ‘Highfield’ Port Eynon – Change of use of outbuilding to provide for a gin distillery and use of garage as a bonded store.

Council considered the application and were in general agreement that the application could be supported.


2018/0409 ‘South Gower Sports Club’ Scurlage – Use of the complete lower football field for up to 100 units of camping on the 30th June; 7th/8th July; 26th to 30th July and 24th to 27th August (all inclusive).

Council considered the application and noted that in principle it was similar to an application granted the previous year other than the dates and that the events were generally of longer periods. Council noted that the club had made considerable effort in the previous year to limit environmental disturbance, and in the belief that these efforts would be maintained it was agreed that the application could be supported.



Highways and Footpaths


Cllr. Robert Fisher advised that there had still been no action by City council to rectify the road surface of Monksland Road and that the extent of potholes now rendered the road dangerous to both pedestrians and motorists.


Cllr. Robert Fisher also queried the area adjoining Muddy Gap and whether this should have been landscaped as part of the building contract. Clerk to investigate.


Cllr. Robert Fisher relayed a complaint from the VHMC that some of the street lights at port eynon village Green were not working. Clerk pointed out that there was a current initiative by Gower AONB Working party, Gower society and others to promote a dark sky environment in Gower and this involved reducing the impact of street lights. Decided not to pursue rectification of street lights.



Clerk advised that he had received a number of communications as follows;

  • Promotional material for ‘EVOLIS’ radar speed signs.
  • Promotional material for ‘Glasdon’ seats and litter bins.                                 Clerk had nothing to report.Village Halls  Clerk advised that there was nothing to report.Any Other BusinessCllr. Evans enquired if Council wished to proceed with further bramble clearance at Port Eynon this year. Agreed to engage the same contractor; and Cllr. Evans offered to arrange for this to be done.Cllr. Cox advised that there had been a change in name of Carreglwydd Camp Site to Sea and Sky Camp site. All so noted.Cllr. S. Fisher enquired as to the arrangements for closure of the car park at Port Eynon during the coming season. Clerk requested to follow up.Next meeting – 16th April 2018 at 7 pm.There being no further business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8: 30 pm. Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                           Robert Fisher (Chair)
  • ————————————–                                                                                 ——————————————
  • Knelston Burial Ground.
  • Clerk/Chair advised that there had been no further communications with the Llanddewi Village Hall Trustees/
  • Cllr. Robert Fisher advised that he had attended the March meeting of the Port Eynon Village Hall Committee. He advised that the VHMC climed that wayleave payments received from Western power were rightfully due to the VHMC. Clerk pointed out that payment should be made to the registered land owner and for at least one part this was the community council. For the other part at the village green this would in fact appear to be the City council. Decided to take no action. Cllr. Fisher advised that VHMC were now seeking to engage a consultant to prepare a master plan.
  • Communications