Port Eynon Community Council


Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on 26th February 2018 at Knelston Primary School.


Present                Councillors Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, Gareth Evans, Gareth Jones, Steven Young and


Apologies            Cllr. Martin Cox


In attendance    Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk; Mr. Peter Williams VHMC; Mrs. Marjorie Stubbings


Chair                      Councillor Robert Fisher took the Chair. He apologised for the meeting having to be deferred by one week on account of the school half term holiday period. The Chair enquired of those present whether they wished to address the Council on any particular issue(s)


Mrs. Marjorie stubbings replied that she wished to make the views of herself and others known to the Council on the proposal for a war Memorial.

Mr. Peter Williams replied that he wished to know if aletter addressed to the Council by Mrs. Juliette Powell had been responded to.

Chair advised that both matters would be addressed during the course of the meeting.


Minutes               Clerk confirmed that the minutes of the last meeting held on 15th January 2018 had been circulated to all Councillors, displayed on the Council notice boards and posted on the web site.

Some typographical errors were corrected.

It was proposed by Councillor Gareth Evans, and seconded by Councillor Sheila Fisher that the minutes be accepted as agreed by all.


Declarations of Interest – There were none stated.


Matters Arising

VILLAGE GREENS: Clerk advised that he had received quotations from the City Council for three sections of work. Counil agreed to proceed with installation of timber posts to the edge of the greens at both Port Eynon and Scurlage, for which the quotations were within the approved budgets but to defer the construction of a new footpath at Scurlage pending clarification as the cost was considered higher than expectations.


Clerk advised that he was in receipt of three items of communication concerning plans to create a memorial garden at Scurlage green; and that he had removed from the public notice boards at Overton and Port Eynon anonymous notices purporting to be made by the Community Council in respect of the memorial garden.


Council expressed grave concern over this misuse of the Notice Boards and enquired of the Clerk as to who had keys to the boards, to which Clerk replied that to the best of his knowledge only himself and the Port Eynon Village Hall Committee. Council agreed that additional locks should be placed on the boards.

Mr. Peter Williams, from the public, interjected to say that the board at Port Eynon was part owned by the Village Hall Committee as they had contributed to half of the cost thereof. Clerk responded that this was not the case, he added that a key to both the Port Eynon and Overton Boards had been provided to Mrs. Jean Higgins when she was chair of the Village Hall Social Committee. Chair requested Clerk to verify that no contribution had been made for this or any other notice boards. (POST MEETING NOTE: clerk reaffirmed that no such contributions have been made.)


Chair then invited Mrs Stubbings to address the meeting concerning the proposals for a Memorial garden.


Mrs Stubbings explained that she had been brought up in Scurlage, was a past member of Knelston Provident Chapel and was in contact with the known family members of those who had been commemorated by plaques in that Chapel, which was now closed. Mrs Stubbings helpfully advised the Council that those listed on the memorials were from families predominantly resident, at the time of the two world wars, in Scurlage and Knelston. Whilst those plaques had been passed to the trustees of St David’s Church in Llanddewi, all of the family members were dismayed that with the permanent closure of the Chapel, and the closure to the public of St David’s Church except at times of services, these memorials were no longer available to the public. Further, the future of St. David’s Church would seem to be, at best, unclear. Mrs Stubbings concluded that her consultations with the families and with many other residents indicated wholehearted support for a permanent public memorial to be created. On behalf of the Council the Chair thanked Mrs. Stubbings for taking the trouble to communicate this to the Council.


STORM WATER DRAINAGE: Cllr. Gareth Evans advised that there had been no action taken by City Council to alleviate the flow of storm water down Port Eynon hill; and that he would continue to press the Council to act on this.


Finance                Clerk advised that he was in receipt of the third instalment of the Council’s precept. Payments had been made to wales Audit Office, BHIB Insurance and AW Graphics for the web site hosting.


Committed expenditure was presently:

Port Eynon Village Green works- £2,000

Scurlage Village Green works – £8,000


Council again considered the request received from Gower First Responders. Clerk advised that he had investigated further the ability of Community Councils to contribute to an appeal of this nature. He was advised by One Voice Wales and the Society of Local Council Clerks that, if Council were firmly of the opinion that such an appeal was to the ‘Well Being of the Community’ then it was empowered by recent provisions of Section 137 of the Local Government Act to make a contribution, which was limited to a proportion of the local rate.. Further that any contribution should not be made as a ‘donation’ but as a ‘Grant for a specific purpose’. Council thanked the Clerk for his diligent work and unanimously agreed to make a Grant of £1,000 towards this Appeal, specifically towards the purchase of a vehicle, noting that if said purchase did not proceed within five years the Grant was to be returned.


Planning               Clerk provided a resume of applications recently considered.



2017/2288 ‘Murmur Y Llanw’, Overton – Addition of first floor to bungalow.

Application refused on 8th December 2017 by virtue of its excessive scale and over complicated nature.



2017/2392 ‘Dinglebank’, Knelston – Detached Dwelling house and garage.

Council noted that this application supercedes a previous application at the same site for three detached dwellings and garages, which was refused. Council were of the opinion that demolition of the existing sheds and replacement with a single dwelling house sited as per this application was appropriate to the location. Concern was expressed that the detached house and detached garage were excessive for the small plot and that an integrated garage would be preferable.

Application was still pending.


2017/2408 ‘The Green’, Overton. Demolition and replacement of rear extension.

Council noted that the plans as presented were limited and did not make clear that this was a semi detached house. Council were of the opinion that the scale and siting of the extension would be overbearing on the neighbouring properties and that the application should not be supported.

Permission granted on 12th January 2018.


2017/2448 Field 7000, Burry – New detached dwelling house.

Council noted that the application was for a relatively large house set in open fields and remote from the adjacent highway. The proposed property would be served by Trumpet Lane which was at present a rural bridleway/footpath. Council considered the planning statement and noted that the house was described as an ‘Essential Agricultural Workers Dwelling’ required to support a relatively new farm holding. Whilst sympathetic to the establishment of a new agricultural business Council were of the opinion that the size of the dwelling was not in keeping with the area and that the location represented unnecessary intrusion into the countryside.

Decision pending.




2017/2653 ‘Oddington’ Overton Lane. – Provision of a gravelled driveway.

Council noted that this was a retrospective application, and that there had been no adverse public comment. Council were of the general opinion that the application should be supported.


2018/0121 South Gower Sports Club – erection of a marquee (May to September) and provision of five pitches for touring caravans (April to October) for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Council noted that the marquee was of a similar size and location and the caravan pitches were at a similar location as in previous applications. Council agreed that they had no objections to this application.


2018/0219 ‘Lilac House’ Overton – Increase in eaves height, roof lights and revised fenestration.

Council noted that the proposed works did not material alter the appearance and character of the existing property and were generally in support of the application.


2018/0153 ‘Moor Corner Farm’ Port Eynon – Proviison of five touring caravan pitches April to October in 2018 and 2019.

Council noted that this application was similar to previously granted applications and saw no reason not to support it.


Highways and Footpaths


Cllr. Robert Fisher advised that there had still been no action by City council to rectify the road surface of Monksland Road and that the extent of potholes now rendered the road dangerous to both pedestrians and motorists.


Cllr. Robert Fisher drew attention to the state of the car park area adjoining Port eynon Village green. Clerk confirmed that this area was in the ownership of the City Council. Cllr. Fisher requested the City Council be pressed to regrade and resurface the area. Also to the fact that some of the street lights serving the access road to the village hall were not working.


Cllr. Sheila Fisher drew attention to the state of the road surface at the lay by and entrance of Knelston School. Also to a recent road traffic accident outside of the school. Apparently, the school had approached City Council, both to resurface the above areas and to introduce traffic speed restrictions, but not speed bumps. There appeared to be indecision between the Education dept and the Highways Dept as to responsibility for the lay by and entrance areas. Clerk would follow up.



Clerk advised that he had received a number of communications as follows;

  • 18th December – letter from a Juliet Powel of Croft Cottage port Eynon objecting to Council’s failure to contribute to Gower First Responder appeal (previously advised at January council Meeting).
  • 21st January – e’mail from Mr. Tom Roderick, Scurlage Castle, urging Council to contribute to Gower first Responder Appeal.
  • 24th January – letter from Adrian Hughes offering to address Council on the First responder appeal.
  • 3rd February – e’mail from Susan and Leigh Barker, Port Eynon, objecting to expenditure on a war Memorial.
  • 22nd February letter from Mr Peter Williams, Scurlage, objecting to expenditure on a war memorial.

Clerk was requested to respond to all in accordance to decisions now taken.


  • Request from TENOVUS for a donation. – Council declined.
  • Request from KIDNEY WALES for a donation. – Coucnil declined.
  • Letter from Rt. Hon John Bercow MP drawing Council’s attention to celebrate democracy with ‘EqualiTeas’. – Noted.
  • E’mail from Bridgend Coalition of Disabled Persons requesting support for a petition. – Noted.
  • E’mail from Wildlife Trust advising of planned works to footpath serving Overton Mere. – Noted.
  • Newsletter from Gower Landscape Partnership.



Clerk had nothing to add to his previous comments concerning the Notice Boards.


Village Halls

Cllr. Robert Fisher advised that he had attended the February meeting of the Port Eynon Village Hall Committee. Council were advised that the VHMC had met with City Councillor Richard Lewis and there had been discussions over the possibility of including a new Village Hall within the draft master plan being drawn up for tourism in Gower.


Clerk/Chair advised that there had been no further communications with the Llanddewi Village Hall Trustees/


Knelston Burial Ground.

Clerk advised that the burial ground was being maintained in a most satisfactory state, however, the adjacent chapel and buildings remain in a state of disuse and were accumulating rubbish and a general unsatisfactory state. Council agreed to keep the matter in view.


Any Other Business


Cllr. Evans advised Council that he had received a suggestion that there should be a drinking water fountain be installed at the toilet block in Port Eynon. Also, that the toilets had been recently repainted in a most unattractive colour scheme. Clerk to request installation of an external percussion tap for drinking water.


Cllr. Evans informed that there had been an incident in Overton lane necessitating attendance by paramedics. He enquired about previous considerations for a defibrillator in Overton. Clerk advised that we had been unable to find a suitable location for a unit.


Further to last month, Cllr. S. Fisher advised that the school head would appreciate assistance in providing some bench seats around trees in the play areas. Clerk to provide details and costs of MMT bench seats.



Next meeting – 19th March 2018 at 7 pm.


There being no further business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8: 30 pm.




————————————–                                                                                      ——————————————

Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                  Robert Fisher (Chair)