Minutes of Council Meeting on 25th January 2016



Minutes of Monthly Council Meeting held on

 Monday 25th January 2016 at Port Eynon Village Hall.


The meeting commenced at 7:30 pm.


Present:                                  Cllr. G.Evans, Cllr. R. Fisher, Cllr. Mrs. S. Fisher, Cllr. G. Jones, Cllr. Mrs. Ann Stott and Cllr, Andrew Milligan


Apologies for Absence:         Cllr. Mrs. L. Newland


In attendance:                        City Cllr. Richard Lewis

Mr. B. Stubbings (clerk),


Chair person:                         Cllr. R. Fisher took the Chair.


001/16.  Declarations of Interest:     None


002/16  Flooding


Cllr. Lewis had been requested to attend this meeting to review the recent incidences of flooding in the Scurlage – Llanddewi corridor. In particular the extended closure of the A4118 at Llanddewi corner, and the flooding of properties at Berry Lane.


Cllr. Lewis remarked that there was a general worsening of the situation due to more persistent rainfall and an increase in ground water tables throughout the area. He further commented that the extent and timing of maintenance of water courses by the City Council may also have led to the recent problems. Work had now been put in hand to clean and regrade the water courses from Scurlage all the way through to Burry Alley, as well as the holding lagoon at Llanddewi.


Cllr Sheila Fisher pointed out that the recent housing developments at Scurlage and the  new agricultural buildings at Scurlage farm have all led to significant increases in rain water run off. The practice of relying on soakaways to accommodate the run off from buildings and paved surfaces was clearly not working. Cllr. Robert Fisher added that shallow soakaways were ineffective when the ground was as saturated, as it has been in the winter months. Also there was no provision in the planning process for new developments, to ensure that soakaways were maintained and renewed when necessary.


Cllr. Scott pointed out that present practice of maintenance of hedges and verges was contributing to the problem as the debris generated was swept into the drainage ditches and accumulated there.


Cllr. Robert Fisher pointed out that after the issues of flooding of Mrs Lewis’ house at the bottom of Berry Lane in 2014. The City council had made no effort to prevent a re-occurrence. Cllr. Lewis ventured the opinion that the house, being of traditional cottage construction without a solid floor, would always be subject to flooding. Mrs. Lewis has now been provided with alternate accommodation by Sketty Housing Association.


Cllr Robert Fisher enquired of Cllr Lewis what measures could be taken to control traffic speed through Scurlage.


Cllr. Gareth Evans enquired of Cllr. Lewis what measures could eb done to improve the tourist experience, particularly in Port Eynon. Cllr Robert Fisher added that Gower was the so-called jewel in the crown of Swansea City Council and generated substantial income for the City but little was done to maintain or improve the image. Cllr Evans pointed out that there were simple measures like clearing the brambles from the areas of the Port Eynon water frontage that would enhance the impression gained of a visit to Gower.


Cllr. Robert Fisher thanked Cllr. Lewis for taking the time to attend this meeting.


002/16 Minutes of Last Meeting (November 2015):


The minutes were proposed to be accepted as a true record by Cllr. S. Fisher, the proposal was seconded by Cllr, G. Jones and agreed by all.  The minutes were signed by the chairperson.


003/16.  Matters Arising from previous Meeting:


Bench seat at Overton – Clerk advised that an order had been placed and delivery was awaited. Cllr. Gareth jones advised that once we had the bench to hand he would carry out the ground works.


Scurlage Green – Vehicles continue to be driven across the Green. It was agreed that the most effective control would be to re-establish the posts or stones along the edge of the green fronting the A4118. Clerk to write to Sketty Housing Assn. to inform them of proposal to place 15 cm. diameter posts at 2 metre centres rising to say 30cm above the ground.


Defibrillators – Noted that a suitable site in Overton could not be found.


004/16.  Finance:


Clerk advised that there had been no income or expenditure in the past month and the bank balances were as follows:


Current Account         £9,460

Savings Account         £5,255

Knelston Burial Ground Account       £675


The following funding commitments have been made and are carried forward:


Wooden bench seat (1 no) at Overton – £500

Scurlage Green Improvements – £2,000

Port Eynon village green improvements – £2,000.


Clerk advised that the City council required notification of the precept requested for 2016/17, and recommended that the precept remained unchanged at £5,500. Cllr. Gareth  Evans proposed that the precept be £5500, seconded by Cllr Sheila Fisher and agreed by all.


005/16.  Planning:

From Previous applications


2015/1502 Lake farm, Llandewi Erection of new agricultural building. Council agreed to support this application. Permission granted.


2015/1892 The Rickyard, Port Eynon Construction of three new detached dwellimgs.

Council noted that a previous application for construction of three dwellings on this site had been approved in application 2011/1389. Council further noted that the original application had not been supported and that the new application did not address any of the concerns that had been previously made. Council agreed by majority that theis application should be reluctantly accepted and reference should be made to those comments previously raised. Permission granted on 23rd December 2015.


New applications :

2015/2323 Salt Cottage, Port Eynon. Repair and reconstruction of Sea Wall. Council noted that this new application was for more extensive reconstruction. Council considered the works to be of an essential nature and recommended approval.


2015/2362 Scurlage Farm, Scurlage. Removal of agricultural buildings and construction of four new houses.  Council noted that this site had been included in the LDP. Councillors noted that the access to the development was via the road junction between Berry Lane and the A4118. This was already proving dangerous and no measures are proposed to improve it. Councillors further noted that the development was reliant on shallow soakaways for the disposal of rain water and that this had proved unacceptable for other neighbouring recent developments. Recommendation should be made for attenuation tests to be carried out.  Proposal was otherwise considered to be acceptable


006/16 Highways & Footpaths.


Scurlage – Cllr. Robert Fisher again stressed the need for traffic speed control measures in Scurlage, particularly for through traffic to and from Port Eynon. Clerk was requested to arrange for speed monitoring to be provided by C&CS. Also that a request be made for highways department to consider the creation of a small roundabout which would serve the purpose of reducing traffic speed and improving safety at the junction.


Trumpet Lane – Councillors repeated their concerns over the closure of Trumpet Lane as parts were in regular use. Clerk to query current position.


Salisbury Close – Parking continued to be a serious issue among residents. It was suggested that an approach be made to Sketty Housing Assn. to remove some of the grassed areas and replace with paving.  Consideration could also be given to the creation of ‘Residents Parking Bays and issue of Residents Parking Permits on an allocation per household. Clerk to write.


Monksland Road – it was noted that at least two of the street lights were not working.


007/16 Correspondence:


Clerk provide a resume of correspondence received.


008/16 Knelston Burial Ground.  Nothing to report.


009/16 Village Halls – Nothing to report


010/16 Communications  Nothing to report.


011/16 Any Other Business: – None.


Date of Next Meeting: Monday 22nd  February 2016 at 7:30 pm. at Port Eynon Village Hall.


Meeting closed at 9:30 pm.                                                                Chairman



  1. J. Stubbings, (Clerk)                                                                       R. Fisher