Planning applications for consideration on 21st January 2019


Application No: 2018/2728/PNA Date



Electoral Division: Gower – Area 2 Status: Being Considered

Map Ref: 245914 189971

Development Type: All Others (CPLDS, Prior etc)

Location: FIeld 7000, Burry Dairy Farm, Reynoldston, Swansea, SA3 1BE

Proposal: Storage building (application for Prior Notification of Agricultural


Applicant: Mr Anthony Griffiths Agent:



Application No: 2018/2712/FUL Date



Electoral Division: Gower – Area 2 Status: Being Considered

Map Ref: 246118 185166

Development Type: Householder

Location: Oddington, Overton Lane, Port Eynon, Swansea, SA3 1NR

Proposal: Single storey front extension

Applicant: Mr Beynon Agent: Mr Peter Jackson


50 21st December – no applications

50 – 14th December– no applications

49 – 7th December– no applications


48 – 28th November

Application No: 2018/2529/S73 Date



Electoral Division: Gower – Area 2 Status: Being Considered

Map Ref: 246145 185202

Development Type: Variation of Conditions


Plot Adjacent To Murmur-Y -Llan , Overton Lane, Rhossili, Swansea,


Proposal: Variation of conditions 6 and 7 of Planning Permission 2018/1264/FUL

granted 1st August 2018 to allow decision post commencement of works

Condition Number(s): Condition 6 – Tree Protection; Condition 7 –

Boundary Treatments; Conditions(s) Removal:

Section 73 Application to agree details for Conditions 6 & 7 to allow

decision post commencement of works

To agree details for Conditions 6 & 7 to allow decision post

commencement of works

Applicant: Alan Clews Agent: Sarah Beynon


47 – 20th November– no applications.


Application No: 2018/2521/PRE

Land at Scurlage adjoining A4118

Proposal includes 31 new build dwellings which would include a mix of dwelling types including 2,3 and 4 bedroom properties.

Applicant: Mr. Andy Green       Agent: J.A. Rewbridge Development Services.



Agenda Notice for council Meeting on 21st January 2019

Monthly Meeting – Monday 21st January 2019.

To be held at Knelston Primary School at 7:00 p.m.




  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Declarations of Interest
  3. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting (18th November 2018)
  4. Matters Arising from Minutes
  5. Financial Report & Expenditure
  6. Planning – Applications & Outcomes
  7. Highways, Environment & Footpaths
  8. Correspondence
  9. Communication – Notice Boards, web site, etc.
  10. Port Eynon & Llandewi Village Halls
  11. Knelston Burial Ground
  12. Any Other Business
Correspondence from: Agenda item:
C&CS – Weekly Lists of Planning Applications 6
One Voice Wales – Notice of courses, etc. 8


Planning Applications for consideration (Agenda item 6): Also see attached.


Ref. No. Address Brief Description
2018/2529 Adj to Murmur Y Llanw, Overton Revised tree protection & planting
2018/2712 Oddington, Overton Lane, Overton Single storey front extension
2018/2728 Field 7000, Burry Diary Farm Large Agricultural Building
2018/2521 Land adj A4118, Lower Scurlage 31 new build dwelling houses

Draft Minutes for November Council Meeting

Port Eynon Community Council


Minutes of monthly Council meeting held on Monday 13th November 2018 at Knelston Primary School.


Present                  Councillors: Martin Cox, Gareth Evans, Robert Fisher, Sheila Fisher, and Gareth Jones


Apologies:             Councillor Steve Young.


In attendance       Mr.Barry Stubbings – Clerk;



Chair                       Councillor Robert Fisher took the Chair.



    1. Minutes                 Clerk confirmed that the draft minutes of the last meeting held on 22nd October 2018 had been circulated to all Councillors, displayed on the Council notice boards and posted on the web site. It was proposed by Councillor Martin Cox, and seconded by Councillor Gareth Evans that the minutes be accepted with a minor correction to ‘Any Other Business matters’; and agreed by all.
    2. Declarations of Interest      Councillor R. Fisher declared an interest in planning application 2018/2010.
    3. Matters ArisingSCURLAGE GREEN – All present expressed their thanks to Councillor Sheila Fisher for her work in securing a successful outcome to the War Memorial installation; which had been most well received, judged by comments from the public.
    4.                                 St DAVID’S CHURCH, LLANDDEWI – Council further considered the request for financial support towards purchase of a new organ. Clerk advised that he had sought advice from One Voice Wales as to whether this could be considered as a Grant in the terms of Section 137 and their response had been in the affirmative. Council agreed that maintenance of the church facilities was to the benefit of the community as a whole. Proposed by Cllr S. Fisher to make a grant of £500 towards the cost and seconded by Cllr. G. Jones – agreed by all.
    5.                                 FOOTPATH To ST Cattwg’s CHURCH – Clerk to continue to investigate.
    6.                                 GOWER HOLIDAY VILLAGE – Council further discussed the situation with regard to planning applications for use of the adjacent field for seasonal use for camping and touring caravans. Agreed that no action could be taken until an Appeal against planning decisions was made by the owners.
    7.                                 VILLAGE GATEWAY SIGNS – Council considered possible implementation but noted that consent would probably be required from Penrice Estate. Clerk to initiate discussions with City Council highways Deptand to obtain firm prices. Consideration could also be given to new designation of the start and end of the restricted zone.
    8.                                 FOOTPATH TO SPORTS CLUB – Clerk advised that he had met with C&CS Footpaths Officer who confirmed that the path crossed private land and consent would be required from the land owner before adoption could be considered. He suggested that an approach be made to our City Councillor for funding to carry out annual cleaning and maintenance.
    9.                                 LANE TO YOUTH HOSTEL – Noted that no action has been taken by City Council. Cllr. Martin Cox further advised that vehicles have suffered damage from the timber posts installed on the edge of the lane. Some posts had been knocked out and were now being replaced by large stones, which were even more of a hazard.
    10. Finance  Committed expenditure was presently:                                                Scurlage Village Green works – £2,000                                                 Defibrillators – £3,000                                Current reserves are approximately £10,000 .                                Clerk confirmed that he had settled the invoice from Nurse and Payne for the war memorial of £3,000 (total amount including installation was £4,360) and he was awaiting receipt of invoice from City Council for the footpath at £1,200. The expenditure budget for Scurlage Green was reduced accordingly.Clerk requested Council to reconfirm the decision made at the Annual General Meeting to maintain Council precept at £6,000 per annum. Council so confirmed.
    11.                                                 Scurlage Village Awareness signs – £3,000
    12.                                                 Port Eynon Village Green works- £2,000
  • Planning Council noted that the application was for a relatively large house set in open fields and remote from the adjacent highway. The proposed property would be served by Trumpet Lane which was at present a rural bridleway/footpath. Council considered the planning statement and noted that the house was described as an ‘Essential Agricultural Workers Dwelling’ required to support a relatively new farm holding. Whilst sympathetic to the establishment of a new agricultural business Council were of the opinion that the size of the dwelling was not in keeping with the area and that the location represented unnecessary intrusion into the countryside.                                Council noted that the proposed new detached house was on land previously designated for gardens and storage areas behind houses 6, 7 and 8. The application was being made in the name of Mr. Andrew Wilson living at house 5. Access would utilise the existing drive way between house 8 and the site boundary with the A4118. Councillors noted that the house size and external appearance was in keeping with the other houses of Milestone Court. Councillors expressed their continuing concern that further development would exacerbate the continuing problems of surface water drainage and foul drainage in the Scurlage area. Councillors expressed their concern that the site fell outside the current village boundaries and represented a ‘creeping’ expansion of the village which was not compatible with the Local Development Plan, Clerk was requested to clarify. Council decision was to recommend acceptance with reservations over drainage and subject to clarification of village limits. NEW APPLICATIONS2018/2010 Corner House, Scurlage. – Conversion of adjoining barn to provide living accommodation.  Council noted that the properties in Milestone Court were built with no provision for garages or off-street parking, a policy which was considered to be flawed for such rural developments. Council noted that the extension was substantial in that it could accommodate two cars, and that it extended to the boundary of the site thus precluding future access for maintenance and to the rear garden. Council also noted that the indicated construction incorporated cavity walls. Council noted that they were sympathetic to the provision of a garage and the application could be supported but with a proviso that there could be no subsequent conversion to living accommodation.2018/2216 Scurlage Farm, Scurlage (pre-application) – New dwelling house. Scurlage Local Development Plan – j


    1. Cllr. R. Fisher advised that site works had been taking place in the field behind Monksland Road, presumably as site investigation for the detailed planning of a further development of social housing. Clerk was requested to make enquiries of City Council.
    2. Council noted that this was a small garden site immediately on the junction of Port Eynon Road and Berry Lane that could be considered as an ‘infill development’. The site was presently occupied by a static caravan. Council noted the suggested elevational treatment and found it incompatible with surrounding buildings and with the objectives of the Gower AONB Planning Guidelines. Council also noted that although the plans indicated the provision of parking space for two cars but there was no space for vehicle turning which would result in reversing movements in very close proximity to the junction of berry lane with the main road. Council reiterated its concerns with regard to subsequent increased surface water run-off at this area which would exacerbate the risk of flooding to surrounding properties; also the increase in vehicle movements at the already dangerous junction between Port Eynon Road and Berry Lane. Council did not support the application.
    3. 2018/2214 No.4 Milestone Court, Scurlage – Side and Rear extension for a garage.
    4. Council considered the application and noted that there was no objection in principle to conversion of what was the last of a series of barns at this location. Concern was however expressed over the nature of the conversion which would significantly raise the new roof ridge height above that of adjoining buildings. Council however strongly reiterated their concern over further development which would exacerbate the existing problems of drainage at this area and of the safety of the highway junction between the Port Eynon Road and Berry Lane. Council agreed to recommend approval subject to the above issues being addressed.
    6. 2018/2004 Milestone Court, Scurlage – New detached dwelling house.
    7. Decision pending.
    8. 2017/2448 Field 7000, Burry – New detached dwelling house.
    9. Clerk provided a resume of applications recently considered.
  • Highways and FootpathsCllr. Sheila Fisher requested that consideration be given to a paved path across Scurlage Green between the bus stop and Monksland Road.


  • Correspondence 


    1. The Clerk had receive no correspondence of note.
  • Communications 


    1.                                 Clerk had nothing further to report.
  • Village Halls  


    1. Clerk/Chair advised that there had been no further communications with the Llanddewi Village Hall Trustees.
    2. Cllr. Robert Fisher advised that he had attended the last monthly Meeting of the Port Eynon Village Hall Committee, at which there had been little discussion other than the feedback of the public consultation for the Port Eynon Tourism Study.
    3. Knelston Burial Ground.Clerk advised that there was nothing to report.
  • Any Other BusinessCouncillor Cox advised that the sea wall gabions in the vicinity of the Youth Hostel were showing signs of deterioration and would need maintenance in the near future.Next meeting – it was agreed that Council would not meet in December unless urgent issues were to arise and, the next meeting would be on the 21st January 2019 at 7 pm.There being no further business to discuss the Chairman wished a Merry Xmas and a healthy New Year to all and the meeting adjourned at 9: 00 pm. Barry Stubbings (Clerk)                                                                                                       Robert Fisher (Chair)


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